You have a successful product in your own country and maybe you are already exporting. You look at the Dutch market with envious eyes, but don’t know if that market is interesting enough for you. Maybe you already do business with the Netherlands, but you would like to have substantive and independent information about the market. Information that goes beyond the public sources through embassies and Chambers of Commerce. Or maybe you would like to build your own organization in the Netherlands already.

homepageOr do you have a product idea for a market segment you have no knowledge of? You already have a business and don’t have time to explore this new market. And you also have no time to build a structure around this product idea yourself.

In all these cases we would appreciate if you would contact us. We believe the Dutch market offers great opportunities and we want to support you in your success. We can get started for you!

Bolta-State has experience with and knowledge of the following target groups and issues:

  • Municipalities (as part of the WMO - the Dutch Social Support Act)
  • Housing corporations
  • Housing for senior citizens
  • Nursing homes and homes for the elderly
  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation and care equipment
  • Distribution channels in the healthcare market

and many more.